Rozsutec stone


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Fine++++ grit stone, wear resistant - sharpens with surface (no slurry created).

Extra hard, natural stone.

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Fine++++ grit wear resistant, natural stone.

Stone is usually used with water.

Very fine micro crystalline material is microporous, soaks water slowly.

Stone works very slowly, does not create slurry during sharpening.

One of the hardest natural sharpening stones on the planet.

Stone has small self cleaning function.

Stone comes with Flipsharp cleaner, must be cleaned often.

Data sheet

  • Lenght - 150mm (6")
  • Height - 20mm (0,78")
  • Width - 50mm (1,96")
  • Weight - 0.4kg
  • Grit - 6000 - 8000 fine++++
  • Character - wear resistant stone