Slurry Stone, Medium


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Medium grit water stone, creates slurry during sharpening.

Silicon carbide crystals, ceramic bond.

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Medium stone, sharpening with slurry - grit 600.

Great results with water.

This is porous stone, soaks water and creates highly efficient sharpening slurry during sharpening.

Great sharpening of even hardest steel knives like 68 HRC and higher.

This is a fast working stone.

Super hard, fragile carborundum crystals are sintered with additives improving life of the stone.

Stone needs flattening, for instance with diamond.

No need for special cleaning.

Data sheet

  • Lenght - 150mm (6")
  • Height - 25mm (0,98")
  • Width - 50mm (1,96")
  • Weight - 0.38
  • Grit - 600 medium
  • Character - slurry stone