Ceramic Hone, Extra Fine


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Extra fine ceramic hone, professional.

Length - 300mm (11,8"), semi polished surface, usually used dry.

Vitrified, high purity corundum.

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Extra fine ceramic hone, 300mm (11,8") for professional use.

Corundum of purity more than 99,7%, vitrified, surface semi polished.

Aluminum oxide crystals melt, connect and recrystallize into glass like form.

Cavity reduces tension, creates enormous surface coherence.

Hone is nonporous, usually used dry, water does not soak if used.

Hone comes with Flipsharp cleaner, works best when clean.

This is fragile material, and may break if dropped.

Data sheet

  • Lenght - 300mm (11,8")
  • Diameter - 15mm (0,59")
  • Weight - 0.22kg
  • Surface - semi polished
  • Character - wear resistant