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Flipsharp is a precision sharpening system, simplifying use of sharpening stones and steels.

Flipsharp puts stone/steel on an angle.

Just hold knife horizontally, and sharpen !



Flipsharp helps to achieve a consistent sharpening angle in all sharpening strokes.

No need to hold knife on an angle.

No need for special skills and long time practicing.

Sharpening of knives and other edge tools is easier and faster, compared with sharpening on bare stone.

Tool sharpens edges of any size and shape.

Flipsharp accepts stones of standard size (150mm x 50mm).

Sharpening is very fine removal of microscopic amount of metal.

No need for hi speed, or aggressive grinding.

With Flipsharp, you will remove far less metal than electric sharpeners or grinders.

Here, sharpening is under your control.

Flipsharp is made of high quality components: stainless steel, galvanized metals, high quality plastics and rubber + top quality accessories.

Flipsharp is mostly hand made product, critical parts are produced by high precision laser, automatic press brakes etc.

Included: spare spring-protection rubber - 3 pieces, instruction manual.

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  • Weight - 1.04kg