About Flipsharp Sharpener

Flipsharp is a precision sharpening tool, simplifying the use of sharpening stones and steels

Flipsharp puts the stone on an the angle

Patented system relies on our natural ability - to hold objects in horizontal position

Flipsharp helps to achieve a consistent sharpening angle in all sharpening strokes

Sharpening on stones and steels is easier than before

Flipsharp provides an even more enjoyable experience in traditional sharpening.


Features and Characteristics

- extremely sharp results (with the right accessories)

- easy to use: professional sharpness is achieved after just a short practice

- speed: sharpening time is significantly reduced, compared with sharpening on bare stone

- same angle on entire edge: device is creating same edge-angle on straight and curved parts of the edge

- no need to connect knife with clamp or other mechanism: knife is all the time in hand, no loss of time, no scratches on knife

- choice: choose between 9 sharpening angles with possibility to use different angles for both sides of the edge

- tip indicators to preserve sharp point of the knife

- wide variety of sharpening accessories can be used

- wide variety of sharpening techniques can be applied

- great control over removed metal: longer life of the knives, longer life of accessories


Tomas Sulovsky - founder

Flipsharp was created as simple private tool

For 2 years it was heavily used in workshop

I was more focussed on more complex sharpening systems

I have realized, that I am always comparing results from other systems, with results from Flipsharp

Flipsharp was all the time the reference tool

It outperformed everything

Flipsharp proves again, that most simple solution is most the useful


About Us

Flipsharp is a family business

Development and manufacturing of the system is located in Slovakia, Europe

We communicate in English


Adress: Komarnanska 161 Hurbanovo 94701, Slovakia

Phone number:  +421 948 798 950